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Resolute Lifestyle loves to have fun, that's why we host events that are centered around fun, fashion, adventure, and giving back to communities and their environments.  We encourage ladies from around the globe and here in Southeast Alaska to come have a killer time while we learn something new and do something out of the ordinary.


The Lifestyle Membership is a monthly paid membership which entitles you to:

  • 20% off all items, all the time;

  • Exclusive invites to events around Southeast Alaska & Internationally;

  • Pre-Order Options;

  • Access to a private membership page; and

  • Access to exclusive products!



Next Event

Currently working on a small retreat out to a local lighthouse to help with brush clearing and painting, then of course girl party! Dates are aiming toward the end of July, trip departs from Juneau, Alaska.



Enrollment is closed.

The Lifestyle Membership only accepts members twice a year, in March and October.   You can drop your membership at anytime, however you can only enroll during enrollment periods.

If you would like more information feel free to call for a chat or contact us on Social or by email!