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Sunset on Mount Roberts

Mount Roberts is the most accessible mountain in Juneau, Alaska.  You can hike it from the city streets by following Basin Road, or skip a portion of the trek and hop on the Mount Roberts Tramway.

Once you arrive at the tramway you can take a break for coffee, check out Lady Baltimore (the gorgeous Bald Eagle at the Raptor Center), watch a short film on Tlingit history, and maybe hit up the gift shop.  But the real attraction is to continue on up the trail to the Summit.

For this hike I was short on time so I only made it up to enjoy the incredible August sunset. Something I highly recommend! If you're planning to visit Juneau, this is a must! Although only go if you can see the mountain from the streets, otherwise once you get up there you'll be in the thick of the fog!

Locals, definitely take advantage of our tram! You can ski in the spring, and camp throughout the summer.  The Tram allows you to skip a hefty part of the ascent!

A quick history

Beginning in 1893 a small mine operation started after most of the gold had been panned out of Gold Creek by early prospectors.  By 1944 the mine closed down totaling 90 million tons of gold mined! Even to this day when you fly a little Cessna airplane, your compass heading can change by up to 180 degrees due to the remaining mineral deposit! The amount of gold that still remains inside this mountain is unknown but estimated to be quite a bit, especially given its history as one of the largest deposits in North America.


Sunset on Mount Roberts


Sunset on Mount Roberts


Sunset on Mount Roberts


Sunset on Mount Roberts




What's your favorite thing to do when hiking up Mount Roberts?! Have you camped up here?






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