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10 Outfits to Wear This September in Alaska

September can be crazy.  Here in Southeast Alaska it can be 45 degrees, raining sideways, and just straight up nasty out! OR it can be ridiculously gorgeous, 70 degrees, and the freshest scent of Fall looming in the air.

Either way, it's best to have a rounded out wardrobe for the month of September to account for all types of weather!


1. Tank, Jeans, oversized and cozy cardigan

This look can also work with XtraTufs and a rain jacket over top to get you from point A to B!


10 outfits to wear this september



2. Basic Sweater & Jeans

 The go-to easy outfit! Pair it with bold accessories like jewelry, a badass hair style, or great shoes!


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


3. Suede!

Suede always makes its way into Fall wardrobes around the country, thick, luxurious, and great deep colors make it a must have! Here I pair the Rosarito Suede Skirt with a basic black tee and a bold red slide.


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska



4. Hoodie, Beanie, and great jeans

This is the ultimate and classic look for so many Alaskans! A year round staple, a great hoodie, beanie, and jeans can be worn 7 days a week!

10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


5. Maxi Dress

When the wind dies, and the sun comes out, a great dress with heavy material can work great! You can also layer a cardigan over the top and belt it at the waist to give you a waistline if the lengths and materials get too heavy.  Always keep your shape, do not get lost in fabric!


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


6. Felt Hat

A great addition to any wardrobe, a felt or wool brimmed hat is great to keep the rain or sun off your face.  Plus, wool hats repel rain, odor, and stains, so they're an absolute must! 


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


7. Button Down, a Great Belt and Jeans

It's always the classics that take you the furthest.  This year round outfit is great for so many occasions, yet it falls on this list because it can be layered with an overcoat, it's also easy to add a hat without overdoing the outfit, or strip it down to your tank top on those rare 70 degree September days!


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska



8. Sophisticated Jacket

A great and structured jacket can get you a long way! Great for travel, work, and anytime you need to dress up an outfit! Plus most boutique style jackets can still be layered over with an outerwear jacket if the weather warrants more protection!

10 Outfits to wear in Alaska this September


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


9. Layer up a Romper

Do this by either layering a sweater over the top to show off the bottoms, or by adding tights/leggings (or both!) Layers are always key, but you don't have to lose out on your style game just because the temperatures have dipped below 55!


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska


10. Muscle Tee and Jeans

Who doesn't love a good muscle tee?! Paired with a good pair of comfortable jeans you can go from mountain tops to fish and chips. Layer it with a flannel, cardigan, or outerwear if the weather calls for it!


10 outfits to wear this September in Alaska




Of course this list could go on and on, and it always depends on the type of Fall we are given! This year (2018) it's been gorgeous and hanging in the high 60's! What else would you add to this list?






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