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4 Ways to Wear a Romper in Alaska

The summer season is so short in Alaska, but that doesn't mean you have to pack away all your cute rompers! You can extend the life of them by adding a few key layers!


1. Add leggings!

A simple way to add a little warmth is to add leggings to your romper! You can stick with the same color palette and a great little bootie!


3 ways to wear rompers in Alaska


3 ways to wear a romper this fall


2. Add a beanie!

In Alaska, beanie season is 11 months out of the year! If you live in the northern hemisphere, chances are you own several colors and varieties of beanies! This style is my favorite one, I love a good pom! Plus it's wool, so it definitely keeps things cozy!


3 ways to wear a romper in Alaska


3 ways to wear a romper in Alaska


3. Layer up with a sweater over the top!

You'd be surprised how great a sweater over the top of a romper can look! Try and stick with one that sits around the same waistline as the romper so you have even lines. I love the layering effect that happens with different neck lines.  In the first outfit the sleeves pop, while in the second outfit the scalloped neckline comes through the crew neckline on the cashmere sweater.

Just don't go too crazy, might be hard to hit the bathroom haha.


3 ways to wear a romper


4 ways to wear a romper in Alaska

4 ways to wear a romper in Alaska 



4. Layer a long cardigan or jacket and belt it!

Generally speaking, it's a good idea to create varying lengths, so either go with a short cardigan, or one that hangs much lower than the hem line of the romper.  If they're the same length they tend to compete and often times it looks like you're wearing no pants from behind haha.

Anytime you're wearing two long sleeves, pull the under one out at the cuff so you get a peek-a-boo effect.  It's perhaps my favorite part!


4 ways to wear a romper in Alaska


4 ways to wear a romper in Alaska



Cheers to your extended wardrobe!





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