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5 Alaska Wardrobe Essentials

I'm a casual kind of woman, but I also appreciate when things fit like a well tailored glove, look great, are durable enough to withstand Alaska's lifestyle, and above all are versatile.  Here are my top five wardrobe essentials!


1. Black Denim

You can easily dress these up or down. Pair them with nearly every top in your closet. Wear them to the office, to an event, or casually on the weekend.  If you don't own a pair of black denim, consider it your next essential!


2. Black or White Tee

Super classic and basic, you flat out cannot go wrong.  When traveling, running errands, going out to a low-key lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong with a well made and fitting black or white tee, and jeans!


3. A Structured Jacket

Something to give you edge and structure! Find something that creates an elongated neckline to give you length, something with pockets, and fits well in the shoulders.  You can always tell if something fits you well in the shoulders by the most outer hem.  It should hit right at the end of your shoulder bone.


5 Alaska Wardrobe Essentials


4. An All Purpose Dress

Something that can be dressed up or down, versatile to work, date night, or an event, and something that fits your body well.  I prefer basic solid colors, or something that has a simple print.  It's also worth considering how it will look with a jacket.  Do the hemlines line up? Does it still give you shape? 


5 wardrobe essentials


5. A Great Hat

For when the rainforest downpours, the winds are blowing sideways, or you didn't have time to wash your hair! You can hide your greasy roots and still have luscious long locks that hang below.  Fall, winter, and spring I usually go with a knit beanie to protect my ears. Plus, your hair is your best accessory, so why not doll it up with a great hat?


5 Alaska Wardrobe Essentials



What are your wardrobe essentials?



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