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5 Style Mistakes You're Making


1. You always buy the same size in clothes


Stop doing this!! Every brand is different! And, in my experience, even the SAME brand will have you in different sizes if they have multiple manufacturers.  For example; a brand can have a manufacturer in China and Thailand, and they'll never be on the same page!


Fix it: If you're shopping online, read the measurements or message the store.  If you're shopping in person, grab a few different sizes to explore what fits the best.  You're after FIT not size.  I have plenty of items in my closet ranging from xsmall through large.  It just depends on the piece, the brand, and how it fits your frame.  Does it flatter you in the shoulders, waist and arms?


2. You think mixing gold and silver is a faux pas


OMG stop! Jewelry is jewelry.  When wearing fine jewelry you can totally mix and match because they're generally smaller, more ornate pieces.  If you're wearing costume jewelry, then you probably shouldn't be staking on multiple chunky and bold pieces that have your head spinning.


Fix it: Do the stones clash or work together? Or perhaps you're wanting to wear a silver chain and layer it with a gold chain, totally fine because both are simple and they create dimension rather than clashing.  Just be mindful, you can have gold earrings and a silver ring - it's called style and you got it!


3. You think jeans should be washed as often as your other clothing


No!! Stop washing your jeans! Jeans only ever need to be washed once every 4-6 times after wearing them. 


Fix it:  Wash your denim inside out with cold water to protect the color. If you're buying quality denim you should never have to wash your jeans to get them to "shrink back." Top quality denim is pre-washed and meant to form to your body over time.


4. You never get anything tailored


Realize that there is a huge benefit to getting your most beloved pieces tailored.  If it doesn't fit perfectly off the rack (rare), then make it fit perfectly.  You'll notice the difference straight away.


Fix it: Thumb through your closet, which pieces do you love on the hanger more than on your body? Take those in ASAP! You'll be forever grateful and will finally get to wear it with joy.  You'd be surprised at how inexpensive and easy it is to do.



5. You think sexy means showing a lot of skin

Maybe a thought when you were 18? Definitely not the case! Sexy means different things to different people, which is why you have to ask yourself how you define sexy? For most it's when you feel truly beautiful and awesome as fuck.


Fix it: Find a top that shows off your best feature, maybe your shoulders (think off-the-shoulder-top), your arms (think sleeveless or cap sleeve), your waistline (think wrap style or something that shows it off), or perhaps your back (find a fun backless top). Wear bottoms that fit and flatter, are comfortable, and don't need adjusting.  Adjusting is a huge sign of ill-fitting garments.



Bottom line - wear what makes you happy.  If you put on an outfit and feel amazing, wear it.  Don't ever second guess that feeling because you deserve to stand out and look amazing!


Cordova Pleasants, owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle



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