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ABLE - As seen in Alaska Fashion Week
ABLE, based in Nashville, is showing us a variety of bags. They are an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. ABLE invests in, trains, and educates women so they can earn a living and break the cycle of poverty and thrive!

Fashion is one of the largest industrial employers of women worldwide, yet only an estimated 2% of fashion workers are paid a livable wage. ABLE wants to change that, but that can only change if you demand it.

ABLE actually collects metal scrap for recycling .... They send it off to a refinery that melts all the scrap metal down and then they process it into new pieces of wire or sheets of gold and silver!

Why We Love Them

  • Based in Nashville
  • Recycled metals for jewelry
  • Employ and empower women
  • Fair wages

How to Buy

ABLE is available at Resolute Boutique in Juneau, AK. Resolute carries multiple styles of clothing, jewelry, and leather bags. 


ABLE for Alaska Fashion Week in Juneau, AK

ABLE for Alaska Fashion Week in Juneau, AK

ABLE for Alaska Fashion Week in Juneau, AK  






Photos By Sydney Akagi

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