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Halloween 2018

How can we one up last year's Halloween shoot?! By adding a floral component and going to the creepiest place in town, Treadwell Mine Ruins! Just thinking back on that gives me the creeps, why did I agree to go there at night again?! I've legitimately heard some extremely strange sounds coming from the cement skeleton building remains during daytime hours. Not exactly the most comforting feeling knowing that there were many people who died at this site trying to strike it rich when the gold was flowing from the depths of the Gastineau Channel!


Historical Side Story - As soon as the first ship unloaded its pay in San Fransisco, news spread like wildfire to the in-the-know crowed. Within weeks, John Treadwell packed his bags for Alaska in the most hushed manner possible so as not to alert his competitors. Purchasing the Paris Claim, he struck the jack pot.  The mine operated from 1882-1922 yielding over 70 million dollars (1914 dollars!), being the largest gold mining operation in existence, the miners and their families enjoyed some plush socio-economic benefits that had international attention. Things like a bath house, a school, post office, and more. Treadwell created a state-of-the-art operation, developing techniques that are still used in hard rock mining to this day. He stumped the US Federal Government when he became the first person to drill in intra-tidal areas, and even tunneling hundreds of feet below the ocean's surface in search of the world's favorite substance. Rumor has it that there is still a tunnel that spans from Treadwell, under the Gastineau Chanel to the mainland, anyone know it's whereabouts?!


For the Outfits - I wanted to create a very layered look.  A modern day witch. Layers were key. I stacked on multiple dresses but kept them open so they were more like long vests and dusters exposing an underlayer. Belting everything created the waistline and held it all together.

Adding a floral component from Frenchies Floral was such a gorgeous touch, highly recommended! 

All photos were taken by Sydney Akagi, my favorite photographer in Juneau, AK!

Shoes were provided by Shoefly!



Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018


Halloween Witches of 2018





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