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No Maternity Clothes



Tips and looks for maternity style, items I pulled directly from the boutique! 

If you're like me, you don't even want to LOOK at maternity clothes! Don't get me wrong, there are some exceptions, but I just don't like the majority of the ill-fitting, mu-mu shaped, ugly colored, sacks they call clothes.

This is my second pregnancy so I have an idea of what to expect.  For my first pregnancy I did not buy any jeans, just the leggings that pull up and over, so high you could basically tuck them into your bra! I did buy two tops that I saved for this go-around.  We'll see how far I can get without submitting!


Basic style tips to always keep in mind since your mid-section will be growing!

  1. Create a V-Neck - do this with a v-neck top, or jackets that help elongate the chest and neck, jewelry is also a great way to give the same illusion.
  2. Create a waistline - When you're not ready to show off your bump: do this by either belting, wearing tops and bottoms that meet at your narrowest point, or cardigans/jackets that have a hemline meeting your waistline. When you're ready, like 5ish months along you'll start to have a cute belly, create two waistlines.  One on top, and one underneath so you get the beach ball effect!
  3. Mix and match textures, patterns, and colors - always create a balance.  If you have a basic jean, dress it up with an accessory, or a fun top.  A basic white tee can be paired with a patterned pant or skirt, if you pair it with a jean, then dress it up with a badass jacket, or an clutch, or fun shoe.  For every two basic pieces, have one fun article!
  4. Wear fitted tops and dresses - When you're officially ready to start showing off, spandex type tops and dresses are the best! You want close fitting pieces, NOT baggy items.  If you wear baggy items you tend to just look like a grape with two legs - not cute.
  5. Get the basic essentials - You'd be so surprised how far a black tee can get you! Shop for one that has some spandex in it so it hugs you and grows with you.  A black tee and jeans brought me all the way to the hospital to give birth!


Months 1-3

No one is going to notice you're pregnant, you probably won't either.  In fact you can fit into most of your regular clothes just fine.  However, if you do feel like you could use some extra space, use the hair-tie trick and a camisole.


This is one of my go-to looks, a flowy dress that doesn't restrict or feel tight.  I can go braless, and feel completely comfortable and free.


I hate Maternity Clothes

I hate maternity clothes

Month 4

Here I started to get a little bump.  I wasn't quite ready (or felt far enough along in my pregnancy to start showing off my belly) so I submitted and got myself some DL1961 maternity jeans (available under pre-order).  I paired these with longer t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and flowy tops that hid my belly. And, avoided crop tops or short hemlines like the plague! 


Maternity Looks that don't suck!

I h



Month 5

Enter the "cute pregnant" look! Feeling comfortable enough to show off ze-bump, I stuck to my jeans and fitted tees, sweaters, and cardigans.  

For events I moved into my favorite maxi dress. An LBD with a deep side slit made with incredibly stretchy material that I know would look fantastic pregnant or not! Pair it with a moto jacket to give structure and shape to your shoulders and waistline, a fun heel or bootie, and bam. 

Another idea is to size up in a skirt or high waisted trousers.  Since both examples are louder, I paired them with a soft, basic sweater, and neutral boot.

I hate maternity clothes
I hate maternity clothes
I hate maternity clothes
I hate maternity clothes
I hate maternity clothes
I hate maternity style
I hate maternity clothes
 I hate maternity clothes



Month 6

Pretty obvious I'm growing a tiny human! I started working with tops that could be tied up, and pairing them with an easy deep slit and spandex maxi skirt I picked up years ago at Forever21.  I've only ever used this skirt for maternity wear because the elastic waistband lets me pull it up nice and high!

I also submitted and purchased another pair of DL1961 Maternity jeans to match the regular style I was purchasing for the boutique.  I LOVE a good white jean so an ankle crop seemed perfect, especially for spring here in Alaska! Paired with chunky sweaters for maximum coziness for Alaska's worst spring weather days!


I hate maternity clothes by Resolute Boutique



I hate maternity clothes by Resolute Boutique



I hate maternity clothes by Resolute Boutique



I hate maternity Clothes by Resolute Boutique



I hate maternity Clothes by resolute boutique



I hate maternity clothes by resolute boutique




Month 7

Definitely have the beach ball look coming in! My basic day-to-day outfits have now become a black or white tee and my DL961 Maternity Jeans, easy and comfortable but easily accessorized with great jewelry and hair.  

Another fun look was to use a tie-back sweater (same one from above!) in reverse so that the tie rested right on top of my belly.  I wore a black camisole underneath. 

I also used the Navarro Tunic with my Emma Maternity Jeans when the weather was cooler, then took the jeans off once the sun came out! Tunics are great for that! 


I hate maternity clothes month 7



I hate maternity clothes month 7



I hate maternity clothes month 7



I hate maternity clothes month 7



I hate maternity clothes month 7



I hate maternity clothes month 7

Month 8

Feeling pregnant! My Grandmother even thought to call and mention how she noticed I had really gained extra weight this pregnancy, specifically in my upper arms... But I still refuse maternity clothes!

Finding clothing that flatters is definitely starting to become a little more challenging, especially when it comes to events or outings I want to dress up for.  I'm constantly on the lookout for skirts that can be pulled above the belly without going too short to pair with crop tops.  Empire waists, things that have quite a bit of stretch in them, and shopping for more DL1961 Maternity Jeans because I need something besides a blue denim.  

I'm avoiding boxy and baggy clothing.  Anything with extra room just gives less shape and is incredibly unflattering! So I've actually stuck to items with more stretch and that are more tight around the belly to give it shape. I'd rather look like I'm hiding a beach ball than look like I've gained 30lbs (which I have at this point!).




I hate maternity clothes month 8



I hate maternity clothes month 8



I hate maternity clothes month 8



Month 9

All the dresses I thought I could wear are now way too short in the front haha. My outfit has pretty much dwindled down to a black tee and my DL1961 Emma Maternity Jeans paired with luxe jewelry.

I've also found that for dinners, or even evenings out the Eldora Maxi Dress pictured in month 5 has been holding true! Still just as comfortable, haven't changed the size and fits my body and bump well.  I get a lot of compliments wearing it because you can never go wrong with a simple black dress.  I've now resorted to wearing it to the grocery store and wearing it around the house because bending over to put pants on has gotten difficult!

Speaking of hating on pants, I did find a fun swimsuit from the shop that worked perfectly for my huge belly! The Marlena One Piece has a cut-out style and it worked out so well! It's high-waisted bottoms covered my butt and low back/love handles so I felt really good wearing it versus a bikini bottom where I just hated the way my backside looked.  This was a fun surprise when I pulled it on! I'm wearing a size Large.


I hate maternity clothes month 9


I hate maternity clothes month 9



I hate maternity clothes month 9



I hate maternity clothes month 9


Month 10



Well I went past my due date! But that didn't stop me from a photoshoot or two! I became pretty limited on what I could wear. My favorite, and most comfortable was a long maxi dress and a muscle tank layered over top, then knotted at the top of my belly.



Not into maternity clothes









What are your maternity hacks for not buying such clothes?!


All the best,

Cordova Pleasants, Owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle


All photos were taken by the lovely Sydney Akagi who is based in Juneau, Alaska & AJ Hudson, who is based in Wasilla, Alaska!


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