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Joah Brown - As seen in Alaska Fashion Week

With Joah Brown, comfort is at the core. When you feel good you feel confident and there’s nothing sexier than that. Joah Brown is authentic Los Angeles street wear for her. Joah Brown believes clothes are meant to be comfortable and that rebelling against classic femininity is beautiful, and that one outfit should be able to transition with you from morning to night. Established in 2014, Joah Brown bridges the gap between comfort and cool.

What we like about Joah Brown is that they are made in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, supporting fair labor practices, and supporting the US economy, you’re also able to enjoy the high quality threads and designs. While it can be more expensive, it is worth the pay off because you’re supporting the economy, human rights, and the environment.

Joah Brown along with all of the brands showcased in AKFW are proudly made in the USA and it’s important that you use your buying power to support fair practices and the environment.

Why We Love Them

  • Based in the LA Fashion District
  • Epitome of comfort, sexy, and cool
  • Made in the USA
  • Supporting our economy, human rights, and the environment

How to Buy

Joah Brown is available at Resolute Boutique in Juneau, AK. Resolute carries multiple styles for everyday comfort throughout every season of the year.   






Photos By Sydney Akagi

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