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She Did It Her Way Podcast Series

After listening to the She Did It Her Way Podcast for months on end, learning, listening, and becoming inspired, I decided to pitch Amanda Bolelyn and ask if she would be interested in following my journey.  To my delight, she responded and said how she had actually been toying with the idea of following a business from the ground up since one of her listeners had asked that she do.  So naturally we high-fived from far and we began a six week series where we explored everything from the Resolute's business plan, to fears and challenges, upcoming plans, failures, and even took questions from the audience! It has been an incredible experience and I have been so grateful to be able to share the Resolute in such depth with such a kickass audience!  It has been really fun to connect with the listeners from across the country!


Below are the six episodes that aired on iTunes and Stitcher.  Although the series has ended, Amanda and I have both agreed that we will definitely check in periodically, it's just too much fun!



Episode 1


"If you love it that much, and you’ve got that passion behind it, I don’t think it’s going to be difficult.”- Cordova Pleasants 

"You have to outline exactly what you’re going to do and make it happen.”-Cordova Pleasants 

“Create the plan. Make it happen. Before you know it, you did it.”-Cordova Pleasants


Episode of the six part series for the She Did it Her Way Podcast


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Episode 2

 In this episode you will...

  • Develop the mindset of an effective problem solver as an entrepreneur
  • Take rejection as a learning & growing experience 
  • Know how to conduct business relationships & partnerships
  • Stand your ground when dealing with business negotiations
  • Find the courage to start your business by yourself
  • Learn how to generate content, on a budget, for your business



"I had received such support from female entrepreneurs and people wanting to collaborate. It's been such a great experience so far. Everyone wants to help each other out."-Cordova Pleasants

"Content generates itself as long as you put in the work."-Cordova Pleasants

"If you're somebody who's listening right now and you're on the fence, do one thing a day and you will be so much further ahead."-Cordova Pleasants

"I love my business problems! Take a step back and look at your problems and analyze them. Are they the kind of problems that you're okay dealing with or are they not? If they're not, maybe you need to readjust and move and find problems that you like to solve."-Cordova Pleasants



Episode 2 for a six part series with the She Did it Her Way Podcast


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Episode 3

In this episode you will...

  • Find avenues to gain business analytics and adjust operations accordingly
  • Know what platforms work for your business and you
  • Learn to not let your mood and personal life be influenced by the day-to-day numbers
  • Become adept to spotting areas of opportunity
  • Balance your business with your personal life
  • Incorporate elements of what you love into your business



"I was letting my mood be influenced by everyday numbers...there was nothing for like a week and I was all low...I really had to tell myself it's okay and you do not need to get all worked up or let your mood be influenced by the day-to-day. You're in it for the long haul. You're in it for the big picture and you need to expect that."-Cordova Pleasants

"Listen to what other people tell you you're good at. Go with it; investigate and see if you could make a business out of it."-Cordova Pleasants

"I am no longer the ambassador I am the owner."-Cordova Pleasants



Episode 3 of the six week series with the She Did it Her Way Podcast


Listen on iTunes Here



Episode 4

In this episode you will...

  • Learn how she developed a marketing plan for her online store
  • Get your target audience interested in your core offer
  • Discover what advertising avenues work best for your business
  • Figure out what marketing elements trigger your target audience
  • Drive traffic by engaging your target audience
  • Establish standard operating procedures when handling business collaborations


"Having a higher frequency is important. If someone sees your ad once [they'll] keep scrolling by but if they see it three or four times, they might remember the logo, or the image." -Cordova Pleasants

"When you spend the time to create your custom audiences, you're serving your ad up to people who actually care about it and want to see it." -Cordova Pleasants

"I like the details because they point me in the direction of what I see is working, but I also find I can take a step back and look at it objectively and keep focusing on my big picture goal." -Cordova Pleasants

"I will have a heavy use of social media and I'm going to be using the 80/20 rule, 80% is useful information and 20% is sales pitch. Relevant information includes: fashion, food, travel, adventure, pets, family and chocolate." -Cordova Pleasants

"Chocolate is one of those topics that women just love so when you combine chocolate with one of your other topics, you're hitting two points and people gravitate toward that." -Cordova Pleasants 



Episode 4 of the six week series with the She Did it Her Way


Listen on iTunes Here



Episode 5

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to spot signs you're on the right career path
  • Find out what you need to do to stay focused and be the best boss you can be
  • Learn how to  integrate your work with your personal life
  • Generate confidence to say 'No' sooner, rather than later in your career
  • Figure out tactics and platforms that drive the most sales
  • Know how to focus on the positive individuals in your life and silence the haters along with your inner critic



"You can say 'yes' to be polite, but you're not doing anyone any favors; especially not yourself. Just be honest." -Cordova Pleasants

"I am on a personal level with my subscribers. I am very open and honest with them about what's going on in the business and I think they really appreciate that. And therefore they become really great customers because we have such a good rapport." -Cordova Pleasants

"Even if your sales are down, you haven't made any new clients, or you're just having a bum week, hold your head up high and do something for yourself. It's going to get better." -Cordova Pleasants



Episode 5 of the six week series with the She Did it Her Way Podcast


Listen on iTunes Here



This was such fun experience that both Amanda Boleyn and I have decided to revisit this series and check in periodically.  We'll talk about how the business has changed, ups and downs, upcoming ideas, and reports on progress!


How did you like the series?! What would you like to learn about or know more details on?



Cordova Pleasants, Owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle


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