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Volcom - As seen in Alaska Fashion Week

Volcom leads in sustainability standards, on par with brands like Patagonia, as far as following the garment down to the seed. They coached the women farmers in India to make sure they sustained a fair wage for themselves and ensured better business practices. We love them for following their product down to the farm. They also make use of repreve - that invasive algae -- that’s so good for footwear but bad for our oceans.

Why We Love Them

  • Female farmers dominate the cotton industry
  • Works directly with the farmers
  • Leads in sustainability
  • Make use of repreve - the invasive algae that's bad for our oceans

How to Buy

Volcom is available at Resolute Boutique in Juneau, AK. Resolute carries multiple styles throughout every season of the year. 




Photos By Sydney Akagi

For more information on Fashion Week visit Alaska Fashion Week

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May 15, 2022

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