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Willow & Luna - As seen in Alaska Fashion Week

Made in Juneau, Alaska, Willow + Luna offers handcrafted modern bags featuring Italian full grain leather, fabric, and/or Pendleton wool. Willow + Luna was started in 2015 by owner and designer Erin Fagalnifin. Erin started sewing after the birth of her son in 2014 as a hobby. With the help of YouTube and trial/error, she soon developed a deep love of making and designing bags. Since coming to Juneau, Alaska in 2016, Willow + Luna has grown from operating out of Erin’s home into a studio and retail space located in Juneau’s Mendenhall valley.

Willow + Luna offers ready made bags through our website and in selected stores in Alaska. Customers can also design their own bag by selecting leather and fabric choices for a bag that reflects their style and personality. Each bag is still hand cut and sewn by Erin. There is no production line, which means each bag is unique. Our bags are created to last a lifetime in a world of mass production and fast fashion.

Why We Love Them

  • Made in Juneau, AK
  • Handcrafted bags
  • Features Italian full grain leather
  • You can design your own bag on their website

How to Buy

Willow & Luna bags are available at Resolute Boutique in Juneau, AK. Resolute carries select styles. You can also purchase from the Willow & Luna website.





Photos By Sydney Akagi

For more information on Fashion Week visit Alaska Fashion Week

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