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Thanks so much for stopping by!  I decided to share my story with all of you because many of you are in the same boat.  Either you're about to start something epic, or you're right on the verge of greatness. I invite you all to spend some time here and use me as a resource or just a friendly name in this crazy game!


Downtown Juneau, Alaska for Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle


You've all been listening, and I'm sure by now you know I'm currently living in Alaska's Capital City, here in Juneau.  Pictured above is myself and one of my all time greatest friends, crossing the street in Downtown Juneau.  If you've ever been to Juneau you'll probably recognize the iconic clock.  If you've ever wanted to visit, check out my blogs about traveling to Southeast Alaska.  It has become my mission to make sure women from around the world can experience Southeast Alaska from a local's perspective!  And not to mention, to know how to dress the part!


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My favorite resources

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YouTube Channels with Great Tips:

  • Socially Nina, this woman has really helpful tips! She helped me get a business line that forwards to my cell phone!


Favorite and MOST helpful book

  • Online Marketing for Small Businesses by Julia Doherty, this has real tips that you can implement right away regarding Online Marketing, tips and tricks for posting schedules, how often to change out banners, how to optimize your platforms, and more - seriously so good!



 Products for the #BossLady in all of us



DL1961 Farrow Jean

Premium Denim, the DL1961 High Waisted Black Skinny is the ULTIMATE #girlboss wardrobe essential, you can pair a black skinny with almost anything in your closet! 



Statement Clutch

Every entrepreneur needs a statement clutch! And this one is great, extra pockets, big enough to fit documents, and has a hot pink liner... like whaaaa?!?! 



A great pair of gold fill earrings with quartz to help bring protection and balance, it also helps ground you.  So even on your worst days, add these to your outfit for that complete, pulled-together look and calm, collected, badass boss confidence.





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Happy shopping and blog exploring to all, and thanks so much for listening in!

Please send me a message or join me on social media to connect! Together we can make this world amazing, and I'm always open to collaboration and sharing.  I hold a special place in my heart for the She Did it Her Way listeners because I was once in those early stages myself and this podcast helped motivate and push me into the realm of boss lady and I couldn't be happier!



Also, a picture of my office/warehouse as promised! This is also my equivelant to my dream closet since it's full of new merchandise and I happen to run a business from it!! Ahhhh!!


My office!

If only our "Daily Affirmation" was this good!




Thanks so much for listening in and checking out all the goods here at Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle.  Please follow along and if you're up for it, let's connect!



Cordova Pleasants, Owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle



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