Dupont Necklace
Dupont Necklace Dupont Necklace Dupont Necklace
$ 60.00

Centered high on the chest, the Dupont Necklace gives any outfit a pop of character and conversation.  Each mussel shell is unique, some containing barnacles and some with shades of pink laced in. The shells themselves have been beachcombed along the shores of Southeast Alaska.  Each is unique as it is natural and delicate and has been coated with a clear coat to help protect and enhance the natural color. 

Length: Approximately 16.5"

Color: Silver plated or Gold Fill, an array of blues, creams, and other natural colors.

Care: Care for your mussel jewelry in which you would your heart, be gentle as they appear tough but are delicate. Buff silver jewelry with polishing cloth, use a microfiber cloth to dust the muscle shells, or rinse them in water.