Carn-EYE-Val Earrings
Carn-EYE-Val Earrings Carn-EYE-Val Earrings Carn-EYE-Val Earrings
$ 75.00

Could these be any cooler?! These Cleopatra/Boho earrings are a dream and a statement piece to any outfit. They feature an eye on the stud and dangle with a white fringe below. 

Dimensions: Approximately 3" long.

Color: Brass, Gold, & White Fringe.

Care: Buff jewelry with polishing cloth. 

About the Brand

Twiga was founded by Ash Marquardt upon moving to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2018. She soon sunk deep into the melting pot of rich culture, food, wabi sabi streets and collective appreciation for art of all forms. As a life long lover of jewelry,  Ash has dedicated herself to creating beautiful, high quality, individual and small batch treasures to decorate both woman and men who have an eye for unique ingredients that embellish their personal eccentricity. Twiga is born to celebrate the peculiar tastes of the human experience, make a statement, strike connection and reflect the beauty of the world back at one another. Inspiration for the pieces come raw passion for dance/movement, nature, and the divine feminine as well as animals and their symbology as totems and guides. After all we are all just a bunch of animals…