Striped Ivory Earrings
Striped Ivory Earrings Striped Ivory Earrings
$ 145.00

Bright white ivory is slashed through with a bold black stroke in these simple yet eye catching earrings. The elongated teardrop shape makes a classic out of the one-of-a-kind design. This ivory was responsibly sourced by the Alaskan Native artist. 

Length: Approximately 3".

Color: White and black. 

Care: Buff jewelry with polishing cloth. 

Made With: Ivory and sterling silver hardware. 

About the Designer: Caleigha Gotthardt is a mixed King Island Inupiaq/ Tyonek Athabaskan, register silver hand artist currently residing in Anchorage, Alaska. Her work is mainly focused on contemporary ivory, baleen carving, and beadwork. She currently works under the name HRAFN (pronounce Ra-Fen), which is old Norse for Raven. This name signifies her ties with her mixed Alaska Native background and Swedish ancestry.