Ibiza Necklace
Ibiza Necklace Ibiza Necklace Ibiza Necklace Ibiza Necklace Ibiza Necklace
$ 106.00

Gorgeously long, and dainty.  The Ibiza Necklace is simply stunning.  It hangs to the center of the chest before dropping down several more inches before ending with a beautiful Dendritic Opal that helps promote your zen.  Pair it when a basic tee, or dress up any button down. The black and white in the stone make it very versitile!

Pair it with a solid top to show off its beauty and you’re likely to be a topic of style conversation.  Dendritic Opal is known to help increase spiritual growth, clarity, and harmony.

*Note: Each stone is cut differently, so the necklace you receive may not match the stone pictured as each is unique.

Length: 17” 

Color: Dendritic Opal (black and white stone), OR Labradorite (dark, semi-transparant stone), and gold. Model is wearing the Dendritic Opal.

Care: Buff jewelry with polishing cloth.  Gold is phenomenal at resisting build-up which is why it’s used for quality pieces that can last a lifetime.