Mount Jumbo Bucket Bag
$ 225.00

The Mt Jumbo Bucket bag merges style and adventure. You can pack everything plus the kitchen sink with all the room this bucket bag gives. This one of a kind bag is handcrafted in Juneau, Alaska and was featured in Alaska Fashion Week. 

Color: Orange & Floral. 

Material: Italian Leather.

Dimensions: 12"H x 14"L x 7"W. 

Handmade in Juneau, Alaska


About the Designer

Willow + Luna started out as a dream of making affordable one of a kind bags while at the same time allowing Erin to stay at home with her son.  As a military spouse, it was important to Erin to find a way to help provide for her family and still be able to bring the business with her anywhere.

Since moving to Alaska, Erin realized that there are not a lot of options for quality bags that are fashionable.  These bags are heavily influenced by the nature around us. Each one is a tribute to the beautiful Alaska rainforest that surrounds their studio.

Each one of their bags is handcrafted by Erin. She spends time cutting them out by hand and sewing them herself. There is no production line. That means that each bag is unique and created with love. It is important to us that each bag is not only beautiful, but also functional.

In today’s world of mass production, it is important to take the time to purchase items that are made with care, which is the main purpose of Willow + Luna.