Sunglass Lanyards
Sunglass Lanyards Sunglass Lanyards Sunglass Lanyards Sunglass Lanyards
$ 38.00

Never lose your sunglasses again! We are in love with these unique, fashionable, and practical sunglass lanyards, great for everyday use. 

How to Use: Slide the loop as close to the hinge as possible near the lens. Then tighten down pulling the adjustable loop string end. 

Styles: Crystal Beads, Tigers Eye, Jade, Amethyst, Rose Quartz. (Left to Right) 

Material: Waxed Leather, Seashells, Beads/Stones. 

Length: Approx. 26 inches. 

Weather Resistant. Recommended that you only use one pair per sunglasses. We suggest a single lanyard be permanent for one pair of sunglasses and not switched to different sunglasses. 

About the Designer:

Mullets & Mermaids products are all made by a Juneau local, Maryna. Inspired by her time spent in Australia. Maryna created these pieces as functional items for herself and began selling them at the local bars where they eventually took off.