Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle is a community and women’s boutique designed for the beautiful and independent adventurer.  Based out of Southeast Alaska we aim for quality products with weather in mind, are travel and adventure-ready, and of course laced with style.  Not only do we hold a high-regard for style, but also believe in bettering the world around us!


There are two sides to the Resolute


  • Resolute Boutique is your go-to source for unique and sophisticated clothing.  When you purchase from Resolute, you're not only getting great, quality pieces sourced from around the world, but you're also supporting a much larger movement; Resolute Lifestyle.  I carefully handpick brands that make an effort to be eco-friendly, or give back to humanity in some form.

  • Resolute Lifestyle is a community and membership of women who not only love style but who crave adventure, travel, and giving back to communities not only here in Alaska, but around the world.  To learn more about the membership, check out our Lifestyle Membership!




Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle encourages any and all to live by their own rules. Whenever you're out and about doing your thing, and wearing your treasures from Resolute, snap a picture and post it to Instagram! Use the hashtag #ResoluteBabe and if we feature you on our page we'll send you a $5 coupon that's good for your next order! Post away, babe!  



Cordova Pleasants, Owner of Resolute Boutique & Lifestyle


My name is Cordova and I'm the owner and creator of the Resolute! I've always had a love affair with style, fashion, and the arts which has lead me to opening my own boutique!  I spend quite a bit of time handpicking items that are unique, practical, beautiful, and come from a brand with an ethical story.  I'm a born and raised Alaskan and have a huge appreciation for travel as I have been involved in the tourism industry for over 10 years.  After seeing the transition of outdoor brands lending their name to ambassadors, I decided to start my own, with my own cause.  So, with the Resolute I have created a boutique with badass clothing, and a lifestyle membership that brings women together for a bitchin' good time that not only gives back, but brings women together from all around the world.



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