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Resolute Lifestyle loves to have fun, that's why we host events that are centered around fun, fashion, adventure, and giving back to communities and their environments.  We encourage ladies from around the globe and here in Southeast Alaska to come have a killer time while we learn something new and do something out of the ordinary.




Next Event: Cape Decision Lighthouse Work & Girl Party


This will be a several day trip the last work week of July.  Our group will depart out of Juneau, Alaska around July 23rd, to Port Alexander. We are partnering with the Cape Decision Lighthouse Society to give back and help work to maintain the Lighthouse. There is no cell phone reception at this extremely remote location so it's a great way to unplug and leave a little stamp on this beautiful corner of the world.

  • Day 1, private float plane charter from Juneau, AK to Port Alexander, AK.
  • Day 2, private boat charter from Port Alexander, AK to Cape Decision Lighthouse.
  • Day 3, working to restore and clean the Lighthouse.  Projects may include brush clean up, painting, and general clean up.
  • Day 4, catalog shoot! We will be doing our Fall Catalog Shoot while at the Lighthouse!  Guests are encouraged to participate, either as a model, outfit coordinator, hair and makeup, really anything to get involved!  Or just paint your nails, drink wine, and soak in the views.
  • Day 5, a day of leisure and casual work.  This is a day to bring that book you've been trying to read, a day to reflect, a day to continue work on the Lighthouse, practice your photography skills, join in on a hike, or bake a cake in the newly redone kitchen! 
  • Day 6, return to Wrangell, AK.


**These dates are subject to change by a day or two on either side depending on weather** 



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