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10 Tricks to Look Your Best in Photos



I love modeling, it's super fun and when you can look better in photos than in person, it's even better haha. Here are a list of tricks and tips I've learned over time.


1. Avoid the Double Chin - Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth, straight face or smiling!  This makes you instantly tighten face muscles, yes I do this haha, and it works. It also prevents you from smiling too big!

10 Tricks to look good in photos 
(Slightly angled face, tongue trick, and "smize-ing")

2. Angle Your Face - This creates shadows, essentially digital contouring. Tilt your chin slightly up, or slightly down and avoid direct and head-on shots which makes your face look flat, and sometimes wider.  You don't have to angle much to achieve this effect.

 10 Tricks to look good in photos
(Angling the face is key. Also, taking close-up portrait photos like this are great next to a wall, tree, or structure as it creates more shadows between you and it.)

3. Twist Your Body - Avoid going 2D, unless that's the intended shot, like a for a style blog or styled photoshoot. Do this both forward facing and from side to side.  Meaning, cock your hips and shoulders in opposite directions, clamshell style. But also create depth, one foot forward. Creating depth for shadows is key.

10 Tricks to look good in photos
(Start by facing away from the camera, then slowly twist towards the photographer, you'll end up crossing your legs, bonus points if you can do it on your toes! Maintain that arm gap, and I'm also angling my face which happens naturally when you're twisting around.)

4. Cross Legs or Ankles - Depending on the position, cross either your legs if sitting, or your ankles if standing.  This helps achieve dimension, leg gaps to let light in which thins them in photographs, and creates shadows! 


10 Tricks to look better in photos
(Here I'm crossing my ankles, creating space between my arms and body, and bending my lims.) 

5. Bend Leg or Arm - It's a rule, whatever is closest to the camera, appears bigger.  Bending your arms and legs create angles, shadows, so depending on the position of your body, bend either one leg or one arm.

10 Tricks to make you look good in photos
(Bending both an arm and a leg, angling my face, and creating an arm gap!)

6. Point or Stand on Your Toes - Even in heels. When your toes are pointed, it automatically engages your muscles.  If you do yoga, dance, pilates, you just became elegant.

10 Tricks to look good in photos 
(Toes are your legs' best friend! Also creating an angle in my face here, an arm gap, and bent legs and arms.)

7. Posture Control - Pull the crown of your head up slightly, as if being tugged on by a string.  This will help you tilt your chin while elongating your spine, and improving your posture.


10 Tricks to look good in photos 
(Pulling the crown of my head up which has tucked my chin down, arm gaps - these are less noticeable but if you look closely I'm pulling my dress out, popping my collar bone, and bending a leg.)

8. Arm Gap - If your arms are tucked next to your side, they tend to look bigger.  Instead, create an air-gap, creating space between your arms and body help define your figure.

10 Tricks to look good in photos
( Here I'm creating major arm gap, popping my collar bone, creating an angle with my face, pulling the crown of my head up, and probably pushing my tongue up ha!)

9. The Mary Kate & Ashley Olson - Apparently one of their biggest tricks to the perfect pout happens when you "shhhhhh" quietly while the photo is being taken.  The harder you "shh" the more extreme your pout. If anything, during a group photo it'll make all of you die of laughter!

10 Tricks to make you look good in photos
(I was behind the camera here laughing while coaching these two on the "shhh". Theses facial expressions didn't last long because we were busting up laughing! But still a good trick if you dial it back and are going for a seriously bitchin' look!)

10. Pop Your Collar Bone - If your shoulders could be any letter, they'd love to be the letter C! For close up or portrait photos curve your shoulders as if you were hugging a tree.  This helps accentuate your collar bones, which gives shadow and depth around the neck and shoulders, vs flat and 2D.

 10 Tricks to look good in photos
 (Creating that C-Curve with my shoulders, arm gaps, crossing my legs over and bending them, and pointing that toe.)

Would love to add to this list! What are other tricks and tips you've learned that make you feel and look beautiful in photos? 



Cordova Pleasants


Photos were taken by Sydney Akagi Photography who is based in Juneau, Alaska, and Courtney Paige Photography who is based in Redlands, California.



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